The Asto CT™ Solution

The Asto CT™ Equina™ offers a paradigm shift in equine x-ray CT imaging by providing rapid 3D imaging of the lower limbs and head without subjecting the horses to general anesthesia.  With its high-precision robotic technology, the Equina™ is capable of safely imaging the lower limbs under load, as well as  the head and neck of the standing horse in a single series.  Major benefits include:

  • High-resolution multi-slice CT images

  • Fast scan times suitable for a sedated horse

  • Large-bore gantry for easy positioning and imaging

  • Flexible horizontal and vertical CT-gantry travel to easily image from head to lower limbs

The system can also be arranged to easily provide standard whole-body scanning of small animals.  The wide combination of indications is a cost-effective solution for any veterinary practice.